How Suffolk uses culture and a Safety Observations App to reduce its Incident Rate by 28%


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Key Features

  • Enterprise data model facilitates implementation across business units or market sectors.
  • Management and visibility of projects at the company, project, or file levels.
  • Pre-built integrations with construction software, file systems, and site cameras speed deployment and fit within your existing environment.
  • Granular user permissions facilitate workflows, authorizations, and experience.
  • Secure, efficient user access through single sign on, or custom integration.
  • Capture high quality photos and videos and field access through Newmetrix’s iOS  and Google Play mobile applications.

“As our organization continually innovates, we are always looking for new, better ways to securely manage photo and video content. Newmetrix’s cloud approach and enterprise data model fits nicely within our IT strategy and removes the challenge of managing all of the media internally while providing a better experience for our internal and external clients.”

- Corren Collura , Former CIO, Suffolk