How we reduce risk

    Newmetrix Risk & Finance Executives

    Risk & Finance Executives

    Identify which 20% of your projects will have 80% of your incidents the following week, and what actions to take to prevent them. Run reports to benchmark cross-project safety trends, identify problem areas and highlight best practices..

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    Newmetrix Safety Leaders

    Safety Leaders

    Automatically identify over 100 safety hazards including presence of slip, trip and fall hazards, workers at height and improper ergonomics. Drive a positive safety culture with easy-to-use risk ranking feature that encourages the documentation of both positive and negative conditions, removing the stigma of getting caught while still reinforcing the right behaviors.

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    Newmetrix Project Teams

    Project Teams

    Get additional value out of the data you’re already collecting, without changing or adding new processes. Identify up-to-date risk conditions, know where to focus each week and reduce your incident rate by up to 40%.

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    Newmetrix IT / Administrator

    IT / Administrators

    Use integrations to build and manage a vault of company photos and videos -- all in one place. Control and monitor who sees what across teams, departments, owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors and more.

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