Galliford Try

Turning Raw Data into Predictive Insights

Galliford Try is a leading U.K. construction business employing 2,700 people and providing vital buildings and infrastructure across the country from large-scale water networks and treatment plants, to highways and hospitals. Safety is a top priority and they are using a data-driven approach to move the needle. Using predictive analytics, they have created a positive feedback loop driving culture and behavior while saving time and reducing risk.

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Galliford Try Weekly Risk Report

Find out how:

  • Galliford Try creates structure out of data chaos saving 8-10 hours a week on “safety work” (i.e. creating safety dashboards)
  • Galliford Try uses Newmetrix for data analysis, interpretation, and recommendations for action

  • Galliford Try manages risk better by seeing which 20% of projects will have 80% of incidents
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