Lithko Contracting

Lithko Contracting, LLC is a full-service concrete contracting company with a town-based model. They are focused on building strong local teams that keep coworkers close to home, supporting their local communities. Working safely is a mindset they cultivate with their culture of engagement and accountability. Their teams are focused on daily conversations in the field around risk. Lithko was looking for a solution that would reinforce their approach of these conversations rather than audits. Additionally, they needed a way to share these observations and conversations to different leadership in the local teams and company in an efficient manner.

Hear from Lithko’s Director of Risk and Chief Information Officer about their selection process and the impact of Newmetrix on their safety program over the last year. Learn how the mobile observation program saves time, provides valuable information to the teams and how to champion a culture of conversation around safety to make sure everyone goes home at night.


  • Rob Kief, Lithko, Director of Risk
  • Ryan Hale, Lithko, Chief Information Officer
  • Josh Kanner, Newmetrix, Founder and CEO

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