Despite big investments in safety, construction’s fatality rate has remained flat for over a decade.  In fact, in 2019, the total number of private construction industry fatalities rose to 1,061. Construction is in need of a safety disruptor and Predictive-Based Safety may be just the thing we’ve been waiting for.

By applying AI and advanced analytics, construction organizations can see recordable incident rates drop as much as 50%, but that’s not the only benefit they can expect. Join Kitchell and Newmetrix to learn how to make the business case for using predictive-based safety.  

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the building blocks of predictive-based safety to ensure your company is able to harness the power of predictive analytics.
  • Learn how predictive-based safety programs provide contractors with strong evidence to demonstrate to insurers that they are a lower risk than the average construction company. 
  • Understand ways predictive-based safety affects operational performance, from optimization of processes to improvements in pre-task planning, and how it can be used for hazard recognition and training.


  • Carl McFarland, Kitchell, Head of Technology & Venture Development
  • Tim Gattie, Newmetrix, Vice President of Industry Strategy 

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