Safety continues to be a top priority in managing human and financial risks in the construction industry. Yet, companies today are operating with limited expert safety resources while managing increasingly large and complex projects.

Over the past 10 years, industry adoption of construction management software, mobile devices, and purpose-built mobile apps has helped improve efficiency of many field processes. Now every field engineer uses a smartphone on the jobsite. In turn, the number of field observations and photos has exploded, introducing new challenges to effectively access, share, and understand the data as well as an awesome opportunity to improve visibility to jobsite practices and safety behaviors.

Newmetrix's technology acts like a virtual safety inspector, giving general contractors more “eyes on site” and remote visibility to safety practices and behaviors across all their jobsites. Newmetrix is using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically detect safety hazards in the visual data from jobsites. The AI engine, nicknamed “Vinnie,” can see workers wearing PPE (or not), and other risks such as housekeeping, different types of ladders, scaffolding, and mobile equipment.


  • Mike Perozek, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Newmetrix
  • David Bowcott, Global Director - Growth, Innovation & Insight, Aon Risk Solutions
  • Chris Greene, Senior Associate - National Practice Group, Data Analytics, Aon Risk Solutions

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Our artificial intelligence engine, nicknamed “Vinnie”, can detect visual data and provide advanced insights to your safety team which can then be used to drive positive safety behaviors on the job.— Mike Perozek, Vice President of Sales & Marketing