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Why I joined Newmetrix (formerly Smartvid.io)

When I was a little girl, I was never as interested in playing with dolls as I was planning and building their environment. Even today, I’m the 1 in 100,000 who actually looks forward to putting together IKEA furniture, and, if you were to visit my house in the summer, you’d probably find me constructing retaining walls and digging out terraces for my lavender garden.

I’m a builder at heart, and that drive has defined how I’ve approached every marketing job I’ve taken, including the newly created job of Vice President of Marketing at Newmetrix.

For example, before joining Newmetrix, I was Director of Partner Marketing at Procore, a construction management platform software company, and a Newmetrix partner. It was a job that I essentially built for myself. I’d previously helped transform Procore from a single product company into a multi-product platform company and quickly realized we needed a robust partner program to support our new model. In two-and-a-half years, I built a team that grew the number of Procore partners from 30 to more than 250, and by the time I left, these new relationships had played a key role in closing 30% of our deals.

Science fiction come to life

I met Newmetrix’s co-founder and CEO, Josh Kanner, when he demoed Vinnie, Newmetrix’s AI, to us as part of joining Procore’s partner program. To say I was impressed really doesn't do my reaction justice. This was cutting edge technology with a big cool factor. Who wouldn’t be excited by using artificial intelligence to predict where an accident is likely to occur so construction safety officials can stop it before it happens? It was the stuff of science fiction brought to life. 

Unsurprisingly, when Josh offered me the position, I jumped at the chance to build a marketing organization for such an innovative, exciting company. I’m eager to build the brand so that, when the construction world thinks about improving safety on the job site, everyone instantly thinks about Newmetrix. 

I’m also excited about the many additional opportunities for Newmetrix to expand the value we deliver. Saving lives is the most important part of our mission and the accomplishment of which we’re most proud, but Newmetrix also makes a big difference to the bottom line, and not just for construction companies. Companies that can demonstrate a stronger than average safety record can negotiate lower rates with their insurance carriers — Newmetrix’s benchmarking data enables organizations to do exactly that. Insurers, too, are interested in Newmetrix. After all, when the number of injuries decline for the construction companies they insure, so do the size of the payouts they have to make. IA Capital Group, the leading independent venture capital firm focusing on insurtech, recently co-led Newmetrix’s most recent round of funding, which is a strong validation of our value to the insurance industry.

Newmetrix is just getting started. There’s so much more opportunity for Vinnie to improve safety, lower construction companies’ insurance costs and save money for insurance carriers. I can’t wait to build what comes next for Newmetrix. 

If you’d like to know what Newmetrix can do for your organization right now, sign up for a no-cost pilot! We’d love to show you how our platform can sharply reduce your risk.

Written by Laura Paciano

Laura is VP of Marketing at Newmetrix. She has over 15 years of marketing experience building technology startups from early stage to maturity. Most recently, she worked at Procore gaining construction industry experience and building their partner program. You'll find Laura on the slopes during the winter and traveling the world any time of the year.

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