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Using AI to keep people safe at work and save lives

A worker is injured on the job once every seven seconds. Many of these injuries are devastating; some are even deadly or permanently disabling. The fact that over 12,000 American workers each day are suffering sprains, pains, cuts, and lacerations is a sobering fact in and of itself; but perhaps even more tragic is the knowledge that every single one of the millions of job site injuries that occur every year is preventable.

Artificial Intelligence modernizes jobsite safety

Fortunately for the workers of the world, tech entrepreneurs are finding ways to reduce or eliminate workplace injury events by leveraging the power of AI to make some of the most dangerous job sites that much safer. To encourage more of this type of socially-beneficial technology, MissingLink, deep learning platform, leveraged its position as a thought leader and up-and-coming industry leader in the field of deep learning to bring some of the brightest minds in AI together for a meetup on “How AI is Changing the World – For the Better” at the MIT Media Lab in Boston, MA. We were proud to be there to show how AI helps construction teams observe, monitor and predict risk in areas of project safety, productivity and quality.

MIT Media Lab

The construction industry takes jobsite safety and project risk very seriously. Human safety inspectors cannot be expected to monitor every inch of a work site 24-hours a day, but technology solutions can fill the natural gaps that will occur in manual worksite safety monitoring practices. Our AI engine, Vinnie, can serve as a virtual safety inspector, which can use existing sources of photo, video, and other project monitoring data to automatically detect and report safety hazards on job sites. By predicting and preventing potential job site incidents, this technology has prevented countless workers from suffering a job site injury, and has saved employers millions in avoided costs

Collaboration is key to mission-driven innovation

Like most innovators in AI, we are driven by our mission. Our goal is to reduce project risk in the areas of safety, productivity, and quality through our user-friendly and industry-tuned artificial intelligence platform. Now that the world is in the throes of yet another wave of the digital revolution, our experienced team is pleased to have the opportunity to see a growing number of like-minded innovators in the field.

AI attracts forward-thinking people, and many of these innovators are putting all of their time and energy into finding ways to help make the world a better place. And if you’re ever going to do anything groundbreaking, you have to leave your bubble once in a while. Bringing these like-minded people together creates a palpable synergy that new ideas flows through easily, and coming to events like MissingLinks’ meetup gives responsible tech entrepreneurs the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with other people who have missions that align with our own. MissingLink’s Boston meetup event was an amazing opportunity to meet people who are trying to use AI to make the world a better place, and we will be keeping an eye out for the next event.

Written by Sean True

Sean True is Director of Machine Learning at Newmetrix. Prior to Newmetrix, Sean worked at Semantic Machines, Ab Initio, and Interactions Corporation. He was co-founder of Inboxer and Audiotrieve, and was Director of Development/Multimedia Technology at Dragon Systems. He's excited about machine learning for text, images, and speech, and has worked on both biological and machine vision as a PhD candidate at MIT. His interests include fishing, welding, BBQ, and embedded systems, preferably in creative combinations.

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