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Suffolk Interns Use Newmetrix (formerly Smartvid.io) to Innovate


Since I began working as Director of Customer Success at Newmetrix, I've done a lot of worSuffolk interns use Smartvid to innovatek helping customers create value from their industrial photos and video. With increasing need for technology in the construction industry, we at Newmetrix know how crucial it is to instill that value of future thinking in our employees -- Suffolk Construction feels the same way. Priding itself on its level of advanced thinking and innovation, they have paved the way for saving time and money in the field, and they want their newest employees to do the same.

Most recently, Liz Collins, director of Career Start and Intern programs, requested two days of innovation programing for their incoming team of interns, and the Newmetrix team was lucky enough to have been invited to join the panel.

In conjunction with a number of industry thought leaders, our CEO Josh presented to interns on safety, quality, design and productivity within the space. He also introduced them to the Newmetrix platform, and explained how our software innovates the way that workers on jobsites organize and search for significant content. The interns were extremely engaged and offered thoughtful and relevant questions and comments to Josh regarding use case and the future of Newmetrix.

Once the presentations were completed, the interns were broken up into teams, and challenged to mock up an “app of the future” that addresses challenges in the field. Liz, Christina Shaw (Strategic Initiative Project Manager) and myself stood in as Innovation Coaches, helping the interns build their way to success.

Suffolk HeartbeatLeveraging current technology, several of the intern teams used Smarvid’s technology to mock up their problem solving app! The first, BuildSmart, enabled users to take a photo of documentation onsite (e.g., daily report), and upload to the app. Using the power of Newmetrix’s speech and image recognition SmartTagging, key words within the report would file, date and make the imagery searchable.

Another, Suffolk Heartbeat, captured all live video feed from existing cameras on sites into a mobile platform. The app utilized Newmetrix’s image recognition tool to automatically identify key milestones within a project based on video feed.  

Needless to say, judges (which included Suffolk’s Chief Innovation Officer and VP of Strategy and Planning) were thoroughly impressed with the creativity and consideration that went into each and every app. I, myself, was incredibly inspired to see the thought process of those new to the industry, and inspired to see what the next generation of Suffolk-ers will bring to the table.  We look forward to working with you!



To learn more about how Suffolk reduced time required for field documentation by over two months, download our case study.


Download the Suffolk Case Study


Written by Catyn Piver Blum

Catyn represents our customers as the Director of Customer Success at Newmetrix. Catyn holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Journalism from Suffolk University, and a Master's in Economic Development from Boston University. She cultivated her passion for customers at both HubSpot and Localytics where she instilled her own drive and passion for software and marketing into businesses from small to enterprise. Catyn loves fitness and in her spare time teaches barre classes in Harvard Square. She also likes to travel (30 countries and counting), spend time with her pups Fred and Lola, and root for the Bruins.

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