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The fast and easy way to run a safety audit

No matter the job, employers are responsible for their workers’ well being. This means safety audits are necessary and valuable ways to ensure workers’ physical and even mental health.

Historically, however, safety audits can be tedious. Not anymore--thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

A safety audit begins when an organization takes stock of the individuals who may interact with a given job site, then reviews the actions taking place in relevant situations on site. Construction management platforms like Procore and Autodesk BIM 360, as well as site camera systems like OxBlue, collect massive amounts of data about those actions every day. When it comes to analyzing data in the fastest, most user-friendly, and accurate ways, AI engines truly shine.

AI platforms can connect with existing solutions within seconds, kicking off a safety audit. As the platform reviews information about the project in question, the audit process turns from a series of checking boxes to an unbiased, smart audit. It’s like having a safety inspector who sees all and never sleeps, making your jobsite safer and getting your project done faster.

Safety summary report - Tag report

What’s next for AI-driven safety audits?

With AI, construction managers can run custom assessments based on the metrics that matter to their teams. This knowledge is critical to improving not only project safety and timing, but also quality. AI-driven safety audits also create detailed records that help construction managers track trends, opportunities, and progress over time.

Performing regular audits is a mark of a proactive company. Using AI to crunch the numbers removes all potential bias while delivering actionable results. Most valuable of all, AI removes the barrier to entry associated with traditional safety audits; construction managers can simply type in their project’s name and watch the data flow.

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Written by Dmitry Grenader

Dmitry Grenader heads up product management efforts at Newmetrix. He started his career as a software developer, but later joined the “dark side” of product management. A veteran of a startup scene, Dmitry has worked across four VC-backed startups in the Boston area. Most recently he led product management at Luminoso, an AI spinoff from MIT Media Lab focused on text analytics. Dmitry holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Boston University. When he is not at work he… thinks about work.

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