Data-Driven Safety Guide

Uncover the hidden risk signals in your data and start predicting & preventing incidents using AI. Learn how your company can benefit from predictive analytics.


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Reducing Risk. Intelligently.

Measure, predict and prevent safety incidents with the power of AI

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Safety Suite

Better conversations. Better insights.

At Newmetrix we believe that the more engaged a team is, the safer they will be. So we’ve built a suite of products to enable engagement to reduce risk.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics tells you what conversations to have and where to prevent incidents before they occur.
Safety Observations

Safety Observations facilitates more conversations in the field, making safety everyone’s focus.
Safety Monitoring

Safety Monitoring creates new conversations based on the data you’re already collecting, leveraging our construction-trained AI.
Save Lives

Save Lives

Reduce Recordable Incident Rates by up to 40%

Save Time

Save Time

Know which 20% of your projects will have 80% of incidents in the following week

Save Money

Save Money

With a proven predictive-based safety program that reduces losses, contractors can negotiate better insurance terms